Our shop and showroom at 20 John Williams Street in Attleboro, MA, closed on January 1, 2020. We will NO LONGER be building custom furniture going forward. Thank you all for supporting our business for the past 46+ years! It has been a joy restoring your antique furniture and creating art furniture from reclaimed antique materials for you and your families. We hope that our life’s work of restoring, salvaging, reclaiming, recreating and creating has brought a smile to you, your families and future generations.
We have stored many boxes and shelves full of antique treasures of all kinds, most of which was purchased in the 1970’s and 1980’s when we were located in Norton, MA. We now have time to unpack those treasures and opened an eBay store in February 2020 called “Pinnacle Pickers”, with an average of 650+ antique pieces for sale! Check it out at
We are posting daily so you just might find a unique antique item for gift giving or to add to your collection! If you or someone you know has antique items they want to sell, please contact Steve via email. Steve is interested in small antique hand tools, furniture hardware (drawer pulls, hinges etc.), barn hardware (strap hinges, barn door rolling hardware), early paper items, photos, Vintage items, etc. It is very helpful if you could email pictures of what you have to sell and Steve will get back to you as soon as he can. We are no longer buying furniture.
The best way to contact us is email at We wish you all good health and joy every day of your lives.
Chris and Steve Staples


Several months ago a lady brought me a slab cut from a very old white cedar tree.  She knew a man with a sawmill and he gave it to her about 35 years ago.  She had it stored in her barn all this time and intended to have something made with it.  She recently sold her home and while cleaning out the barn she was reacquainted with the old slab.  She said, "When I saw it, I knew exactly where to take it!"  She was right!

It seems like the late George Nakashima, who was a renowned furniture maker, famous for his slab tables, was right on his table base designs.  This white cedar slab deserved one of Nakashima's base designs.  We made the base from a walnut slab, the favorite wood choice of George Nakashima.

The shape of the top is fantastic!

The shapes within the grain are beautiful!  This coffee table was sold before it was built.  A real beautiful art form!


However, we recently built another similar coffee table with a roundish maple slab top.  Again we have incorporated a Nakashima design walnut slab base.

The top has a beautiful grain definition with plenty of character.  As all our creative art furniture, it is also one-of-a-kind and currently for sale in our gallery showroom!

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