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Last week I took a short trip to Westboro, Massachusetts to pick up a burl, a big cherry wood burl!  I was told of this enormous cherry wood burl by a client who manages an apartment complex. She had some tree work done after the recent storms and when it came to the burl, she told the men to leave it where it stood. I brought my brand new Stihl 362 chain saw, some wedges, sledge and ramps so I could push the burl up and into my truck. I’m sorry I did not bring along a peeve to move the burl about and an extra pair of strong hands!

After examining the burl for some time in order to decide where best to make my cuts, I cut the burl straight down the middle along a seam line. Then I cut each half of the burl off the stump. At this point I still could not manage to move the burl chunks. Next I cut away as much of the cherry tree that the burl surrounded to lighten the weight. Still unable to move them, I reluctantly decided to cut each of them in half a second time.

Although having bad knees, the woman that offered the burl to me, put her work gloves on and helped me roll each quarter of the burl up the ramps and into my truck.  The best choice would have been to bring the burl home in as large a piece as I could if it were a possibility. Having it here now affords me the ability to carefully examine the wood to determine the best cuts to make in order to get the best bowl blanks.

My next trip will be to Duxbury, Massachusetts where there is another monster burl waiting for me. Fortunately this opportunity will afford me the use of a sawmill and another strong pair of hands to move the monster around and ultimately load into the truck.

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